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This may be one of the best posts I have ever made for you guys here at C4U! I am going to apologize now as this will be a longer post but I promise if you take the time to read this you will be thanking me!


Now as you all know Jenn, I, and our families have been working on this page for about a little over 5 years now together to try and save you, the fans, the most money we can. Well about 2 months ago I came across 2 new apps to not only save you money BUT make it so you can get items for free!


Now before I go any further I want to make this clear. These apps are getting you points to spend at Kmart and Sears. Now I know a lot of Kmart’s are closed or are closing so a lot of people do not have them in their area. BUT you can use these points online and have your prizes or purchases sent to you! Now if you do order online and have it shipped to your home there is a set price of $6 shipping charge on any purchase and your points you earn can not be used on shipping BUT I am going to show you a way to make it so your shipping charge can be free too! So pay attention!


So I know you are asking what are these apps I am talking about?? They are called Win It and Shop Your Way!






So let me break down how each app works:



The Win It App is an instant win game. After you download the app you sign into your Shop Your Way AccountMake Sure you remember this log in as you will need the same one for the Shop Your Way Account App so you can link your points together!


Now after you get this app and sign in you get to pick 10 prizes YOU want to win! Yes any 10 products and don’t worry you can change these 10 products at any time you want!


Now every 24 hours you can spin the wheel on each of these prizes to try and win that prize instantly! Now I am going to be honest with you I have personally never won a prize off this but I have won a TON of Shop Your Way Points! I average about $2 a day (some days I do not win anything but then some days I will win up to $5 in points so it averages out to about $2 a day)



Now it does not seem like much. 150 points is only 15 cents but please know these points add up fast! I just recently got a new blender last week and already I have $15 in points (not including surprise points) to spend!



You usually have about 14 days to spend these points. So I will have about $30 to spend by next week Wednesday before my points disappear. And you can spend these points on ANYTHING!! Yes anything that is on the Kmart or Sears website!





Now this one is like the Win It App but in my opinion it is so much better!!  Not only do they have instant win games but they also have regular giveaways too! PLUS this is where you will find your surprise points too! Now before you get confused I will break down each section to you!


Now Before I start remember how I said earlier to remember your log in for the Win It App?? You are going to want to log into that same account on this app so the points work together!


Now please note Jenn and I do not promote cheating in any way! I have been following this app for a couple of months now and the group they have (will tell you about that a little later) and I know some people make different accounts and put them on different devices! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!! You WILL be caught and you WILL have all of your accounts terminated! There is no reason to try and cheat this system as honestly the wins you get off this will make it so your Christmas this year will be as close to free as we can make it!


So let me break down how to find these giveaways and instant win games


After you download the app and log in on the right hand side click on the 3 lines and it will bring up a drop box (see pic below for example)



After you see this screen click on Rewards. The rewards app will bring up 8 boxes. One of these boxes will tell you how many points you have, one will be how many surprise points you have, etc. Scroll down til you see the Earn Points with Sweeps Box (see picture below for example)



This is where you will find the instant win, the giveaways, and the Most prizes option. All of these will be chances to win not only prizes but more points (see below for example)



Now Most Prizes and Instant Win you can enter everyday! I also check the All Sweeps section everyday too as new giveaways are always being added…. NOW PLEASE READ!! There are going to be some giveaways that you will not qualify for! Do NOT worry! It all depends on your demographics…. The answers to the poll questions you answer before you enter a giveaway, etc.


Now I can already here people complaining… sometimes you only win 5 or 15 cents… Let me tell you how long I spend on these 2 apps each day.. About 15 minutes a day… (the same amount of time it takes me to put Aiden on the bus in the morning and get him off in the afternoon). Seriously that is it! So an extra $60 (on average) a month for spending time on my phone! I will not say no to that! Plus do not forget there are plenty of chances to win amazing prizes too! And yes the prizes are real! You can join the Win Club Group on FB HERE and winners are posting daily pictures of prizes and points they have won AND received! Plus there is another benefit to this group! Not only do you get to see the winners pictures BUT they post secret codes you can enter in to get more entries into each giveaway.


A word of advice though. If you join this group do NOT enter in all of the codes at once!



Save one or 2 of the codes until the last day of the giveaway as these apps do something special. It is called a door buster (the group posts about it and you get an email when one goes live). What happens when there is a doorbuster?? You enter in one of those codes (or enter the giveaway for the first time) and almost everyone that enters wins an extra $1 to $5! Yes free money just for entering! So save some of those codes I promise it will pay off in the end!




Now here is another great thing about the Shop Your Way App. There are 2 special days out of every week!


$2 Mondays



On Monday each week 2,000 people that enter on the Win It App will win 2000 Points! Yes a free $2 to 2,000 People!! (





Wild Win Wednesday is on the Shop Your Way App! Every Wednesday you have 4 extra chances to win extra points (or money whichever you prefer to call it) And so far ** knock on wood** I have won on each chance!



Wednesdays are always my favorite days to play as I have always won the most money on these days!


So we have covered how to win… Now let me show you what happens after these points add up



You see that final total??? That is what I paid for a new crock-pot!



This was one of the daily deals Jenn and I post every day! So with the sale and my points it was FREE!! Yes Free!!! Now I am lucky enough to have a Kmart and Sears in my area so I did not have to pay for shipping. I had it sent to store and I picked it up for free!


Now as I said earlier if you do not have one of these stores in your area there is a $6 shipping fee for all orders and you can not use your SYW Points to pay for shipping BUT you can use gift cards from INSTAGC too!! So IF you have to pay for your shipping I would recommend signing up for that site and using those instant gift cards to pay for shipping so you do not have to come out of pocket for anything!




Now I know Everyone is looking for best deal.. the best way to get your product for free with your points! So I am here to help you one more time! If you sign up for me to be your personal shopper I can be on your list to answer any other questions you have and be there to find you the best deal!




And that is it C4U Fans! Something so simple I promise! I know this post was long but I wanted to make sure you guys had the breakdown on how everything worked! Over the next couple of weeks I will also be starting a section here on the blog that will be focused just on Shop Your Way items! So Keep your eyes peeled. I am hoping to make this year the best year all of our C4U Fans have had!


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