Contest & Giveaway Help Request


Due to the overwhelming rise in requests for help with giveaways and contests, we’ve created a Request Sheet for you guys to submit the contest you are entered in.

Please remember, it is first come first serve – if you ask for voting assistance in a giveaway that another entrant is already being promoted for, we will not post yours as well. Also, if we receive multiple requests for the same contest, we prefer not to post any entries.

While we would love to post every request that we received, that simply is not feasible. We ask that you please complete this form, and not send page messages on Facebook. Often, Facebook won’t let us access messages, or they delete the inbox entirely. With this form, you can be sure we’ll see your request.  

We will also be sharing GoFundMe requests, so feel free to add those as well. We ask that you do NOT leave your links on our Facebook wall, as they will be deleted! Only requests received via this form will be accepted!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:

Click here to submit your request

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