Easy Coupon Organization: Case-It Binder & Inserts


Is your trip to the grocery store a balancing act of keeping the list from falling and your coupons from spilling? I used the envelope system for years and dreaded every trip to the grocery store! I can’t count how many times my coupons went flying as I frantically tried to retrieve them and not lose them. I desperately needed a binder but who wants to shell out big bucks when you’re trying to save money? Then I discovered the Case-it Velcro Closure 2-Inch Ring Binder with Tab Files.


This binder boasts 4.2 stars out of 5, from 150 reviewers on Amazon. I don’t leave the house without mine!

Case It Binder


Now that you have the binder, you’ll need inserts to keep your coupons in place. There are several sizes to choose from but I prefer these dollar bill sized ones. They hold those long, printable coupons and the top load makes it easy to get to your little money savers! 

Coupon insert sheets


If you want to simplify your binder, I suggest these page reference dividers. I picked up two packs and have my binder divided by category: Pets, Beverages, Paper, Health & Beauty, Cleaning, Dairy, etc. I love the extra pockets on these – they are perfect for stashing coupons I find in the store, until I can get home and properly file them!

Avery page dividers

 There are other bells and whistles you can add but for just the basics, or if you’re just getting started, this is all you will need to get organized!



  1. Very organized.. Those are also great for making albums of the kids pictures. My mom did one for each us growing up. Tons of things you can do with those. I need to take your idea and get my coupons better organized…lol
    Cheyenne Belk recently posted…Kroger: Free Juicy Fruit Starburst GumMy Profile

  2. Tiffany

    How many of the coupon holder sheets you do have or recommend buying? Also, can’t you use the front and back of each sheet or are they one sided?

    • Tiffany, I use it front and back. The front side has coupons facing one direction, and the back side the other. I have a TON of health and beauty coupons compared to just a few pet coupons, so, of course, I have more inserts in the H&B section than I do pets. I just counted and in my binder I have a total of 35 inserts for the entire binder.
      Jennifer recently posted…Healthy Offer: Save 20% On OrangesMy Profile

  3. I seriously could use one of these. It would help make things easier.

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