Natural Boar Bristle Scrub And Exfoliation Body Brush, 78% Off


Natural Boar Bristle LongHandle Scrub And Exfoliation Body Brush

PREMIUM QUALITY BODY BRUSH – Long handle was made of premium polished wood, brush head was made of 100% natural boar bristle, Massage head great for back massage
MADE SKIN EXFOLIATE AND REJUVENATE EASIER- Pinkzio Body shower brush with 14.4″ handle, which made it easy to reach any part of your body, from back to toe .
REMOVE DEAD SKIN CLEAN PORES-Pinkzio shower brush helps remove your body dead skin and relieve stress.
CELLULITE MASSAGE BRUSH HEAD- Helps reducing cellulite, release harmful toxins,improve circulation and remove fat

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$8.99 – 78% off!

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